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Knowledge of mechanical equipment for aluminum windows and doors

Knowledge of mechanical equipment for aluminum windows and doors

With people's attention to the quality of life, the requirements for the living environment are also higher and higher, the corresponding supporting facilities are also on the grade. For example, in the choice of windows and doors in home decoration, most of them will choose excellent anti-theft doors and aluminum alloy windows with good sealing performance. Now the solid wood windows and plastic steel windows have gradually faded away from people's attention and replaced by aluminum alloy windows and doors. Compared with ordinary profiles, it adopts heat insulation bridge broken aluminum profiles and insulating glass, with energy-saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust-proof, waterproof, and other functions.

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First of all, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the broken bridge aluminum window doors

1. It can be observed from the surface of aluminum profile that the good bridge broken aluminum profile has luster and texture, and the surface spraying color treatment will also be natural, which makes it feel smooth; the surface of secondary bridge breaking aluminum window door is rough, without luster, and it looks unnatural. After using for a period of time, the poor bridge broken aluminum window door will change color or fade, and the color is not full.

2. Look at the section structure of the aluminum profile, the section geometry angle is accurate, the profile will not bend and twist, and the angle is correct. Moreover, section thickness is sufficient. For example, for the 60 type bridge broken aluminum window door you customized, 60 refers to the profile thickness of 6 cm, and the 6 cm is full bridge broken aluminum material, and the proportion of threading strip is less; for the less frequent bridge breaking aluminum window door, the virtual support 60 profile will be used, and the threading strip is used to support the thickness, so the aluminum material is relatively less.

3. Look at the heat insulation strips of aluminum profiles, which are imported and domestic ones. Most of the domestic heat insulation strips are made of plastic PVC, while the imported ones are made of polyamide, that is, nylon insulation strips. The imported heat insulation strip is adopted for the high-quality bridge breaking aluminum window door, which has better high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance, and can achieve the effect of thermal insulation, environmental protection, and energy-saving, and can save energy by 20% - 30%.

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